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NACE Salary Calculator 

Cost of Living and Salary Calculator - Need to know how the cost of living in San Francisco or New York or Omaha compares with Boston or Providence or Wichita? Try this easy-to-use calculator.

Relocation Salary Calculator - Would you like to find out how an offer of $25,000 in Nashua would compare with the same offer in Chicago?

JobStar Salary Surveys - This is the most comprehensive 'set salary' surveys on the Web. Includes education, health care, legal, and government areas as well as business, science and computer science. -Links to salary surveys as well as great articles on base salaries, benefits, stock options, bonuses and salary negotiation. -   Search by job title and location.  Free and accurate salary, benefit, and cost-of-living information.

Salary and Wage Surveys - America's Career Info Net - find salary information for more than 800 different occupations

Salary Surveys - The Riley Guide - Includes resources to occupation or industry specific surveys, non-USA surveys, executive compensation, government wages, and articles on salary negotiation.

Advice for Negotiating Salary, Benefits, and More

Salary Negotiation Tips - Advice from the Rivier University Career Development Center. - Start with the basics on, then use this site for more advanced topics.

Negotiating Your Salary - Another take on salary negotiation, from a consultant who specializes in the field.

Salary Negotiation Basics - Article from

When and How to Discuss Salary During an Interview - Article from

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