After Rivier

  • From Start-up to Finish Tech company co-founder Keri Suslovitch ’19 found herself when she returned to finish her degree.

    A demanding and successful job led Keri Suslovitch to put her Rivier education on hold. When life afforded the opportunity to return to school, Keri didn't hesitate to re-enroll at Rivier and once again found it was a perfect fit. As a Professional Studies student, she was able to apply the lessons she learned in evening classes directly to managing her business during the day.

  • Sharing His Past to Help Their Future Barry Pietrantonio '17G journeyed a long road to sobriety and it inspired a career and life change.

    In 2017, Barry earned a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling at Rivier and now co-owns a counseling and recovery center. He admits he’s not proud of his past; but he’s using those experiences to change his clients’ futures—and that’s something to be proud of.

After Rivier

Rivier graduates are well-positioned for success after graduation, whether they choose to pursue further education, advance their careers, or begin on a new professional path.

Success, Support, and Service

With more than 20,000 Rivier alumni across the United States and around the globe, our mission of transforming hearts and minds to serve the world has never been clearer. Alumni are leaders in their professions who strike a balance between passion for career and compassion for their fellow human being. Their stories highlight their commitment to service and also the advantages they had in their job search.

Our alumni always have access to resources at Rivier that support them. Through our Office of Career and Life Success, alumni network and access to advisors—we help every person from the day they arrive to years after they’ve donned their cap and gown.

Access to Faculty and Their Networks

Our professional faculty are well connected within their fields and are always a phone call or email away to help. Whether it’s a recommendation, an introduction or a job listing, there are many ways professors can act as resources.

Our Office of Career and Life Success builds connections through networking opportunities, job boards and a team of experienced advisors who are available for guidance.

“We know who you are when you walk in the classroom. We know your dreams, we know your hopes, we know your vision, and we create a program that really works for you to realize that dream.”

Dr. Lisa Dias, Class of 2016G, began working in health and human services before launching a career at World Academy in Nashua, where she served as Principal for ten years. Earning her Doctor of Education in Leadership and Learning from River positioned her for the top leadership role of Head of School. She proudly leads a learning community that makes a positive impact on the lives of children and students.

Meet Lisa

Continuing Their Education

For many Alumni, Rivier is part of a longer journey in education. When the next step is the next classroom, we make sure that our students are incredibly well-prepared.

My student government experience grabbed the attention of potential employers. I spoke knowledgeably about maintaining a budget, delegating work, organizing committees, being accountable, and other non-clinical skills.