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Planning Your Career

At Rivier, we don't just prepare you for a career or graduate school. We prepare you for success. Speak to our graduates and they will tell you about the true value of a Rivier education. They will tell you that their four years at Rivier taught them to communicate effectively, to evaluate and solve problems, and to turn their dreams into reality.

Rivier students are encouraged to actively participate in developing their future career plans. If like many students, you are undecided about a major, Rivier has support services available to make the decision less stressful and to help you make the most of your academic experience. In addition to providing extensive career development guidance, Rivier's Career Development Center (CDC) offers a number of resources specifically for first-year students who are undecided about a major or career direction.


(Road Expedition to Academic and Career Horizons) 

REACH is a unique program designed to help students gain a better understanding of their interests, values, and abilities as they relate to choosing a major as well as to career and vocational choices.

REACH 100: Campus to Career

As a first-year student, you are encouraged to take advantage of this one-credit pass/fail course that helps to make the most of your college experience. Through small and interactive classes, you'll gain a better understanding of your interests, values, and personality traits and learn how to research academic majors and careers that might be a suitable match.

Rivier's Career Development Center provides students with assistance in:

  • Researching specific majors
  • Learning about careers
  • Discussing internship options
  • Preparing for an effective job search
  • Accessing job listings online
  • Exploring graduate school

You'll find Rivier graduates working at the Pentagon and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.), in the management offices of corporations like Raytheon and B.A.E. Systems; and holding key positions at the National Gallery of Art, the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office, and publishing giant Houghton Mifflin Company.

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