The Center for Behavioral Health Professions and Workforce Development

An initiative in response to the increasing demand for professionals in fields of behavioral health and substance use disorder. The goal of The Center is to partner with the region’s healthcare providers in ensuring an adequately trained workforce ready to meet the demands of regional healthcare, schools and governmental initiatives.

Encompassing the University’s extensive graduate programs in Counseling and School Psychology, Nursing and Health Professions and an MBA in Healthcare Administration, The Center seeks to create partnerships and pathways to professional degrees and licensure requirements. It serves as a hub for behavioral health issues and highlights Rivier’s unique ability to expand the workforce pipeline through the delivery of academic programs.

“In New Hampshire and throughout New England, there is a significant shortage in trained behavioral health professionals. In many medically underserved communities, the need is dire and the demand for these professionals is growing. The situation calls for a comprehensive, cooperative approach that begins with education and training to meet the needs of medical and behavioral health treatment providers.”
                 Sister Paula Marie Buley, IHM, President, Rivier University

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