Rivier Institute for Senior Education (RISE)

Interest Groups

Classroom and other discussions, as well as course evaluations, indicate members’ interest in exploring some topics beyond the classroom setting. In response, several interest groups have formed. If any of the following are appealing, please contact the designated organizer/leader and join the fun. If you are interested in forming and leading a new interest group, please contact the RISE Office at (603) 897-8623 or rise@rivier.edu.

Interest Groups, Organizers, and Contact Information

Cardmaking — Lynn Thieret, (603) 598-8993 or lthieret@rivier.edu

Computer Users — Joe Bingham, (603) 557-1040 or jbingham1@comcast.net

Duplicate Bridge — Joe Bingham, (603) 557-1040 or jbingham1@comcast.net

Geopolitics — John Penasack, (603) 566-3957 or johnp@penasack.us

Literature – Barbara Beierl (603) 891-1158 or barbara-beierl@comcast.net

RISE Art Group — Diane Statkum, (603) 889-2841 or frisco23@comcast.net

RISE Readers’ Roundtable — Dorothy Lord and Carole Blackwell * Dorothy (978) 452-5057 or rtaxman@comcast.net, Carole (603) 882-4647 or cblackwell@comcast.net

Sharing Writing Experiences – Joan Gibson (603) 888-9304 or jgibson648@aol.com