Information Technology

Lab Policy

DIRECTOR: Sr. Martha Villeneuve

PHONE: (603) 897-8260


This policy is designed to provide a high-quality and friendly environment for users to conduct course work, research, and personal development.

All computers are connected to the Internet and to laser printers located in the labs or electronic classrooms.


The University provides access to Computer Labs to students with authorized access. See Authorized Users of Campus Networks Policy for detailed information on user expectations and responsibilities.

  • Academic Computer Center at Sylvia Trottier Hall:
  • #135  Electronic Classroom with 20 computers, instructor’s workstation and projection capabilities
  • #Lab with 20 computers
  • Education Center #305: Electronic Classroom with 20 Window systems, instructor’s workstation and projection capabilities
  • Education Center: Educational Resource Center with 12 Windows systems and 4 Macintosh systems
  • Regina Library: Reference Room with 20 Windows systems
  • Regina Library: Library Instruction Classroom/Computer Lab with 23 Windows systems 
  • Memorial Hall #202: Large computer lab
  • Memorial Hall #204: Large computer lab

Lab Schedule

The Director of the Academic Computer Center determines the hours of operation of the computer labs. The hours are posted outside the computer labs and on the Academic Computer Center Web Page.

Closing time is to be respected in all computer labs. The Lab Assistant notifies users fifteen minutes before closing time. Do not ask the Lab Assistant to keep the lab open so you can finish a project. Monitor your time to complete your work before closing time.

Lab Assistants

The Lab Assistants are undergraduate and graduate students with related computer and technical skills. They are hired by the University and are on duty at the Academic Computer Center during normal hours of operation. In that capacity, they are responsible to:

  • Keep labs operative by providing minor maintenance on printers and computers
  • Enforce lab policies
  • Answer general questions related to hardware and software applications

It is not possible for Lab Assistants to be knowledgeable in all of the software and applications available in the lab.  Similarly, they are not able to assist you with your course work.  Please refer to your instructor for assistance, clarification of assignments, and written directions for courseware.

General Guidelines

To provide the best use of information technology resources in the computer labs, the following guidelines are established:

  • Present validated University ID to gain access to the labs
  • Read and sign a Computer Use Policy Form   
  • Be considerate of those working around you; keep noise levels at a minimum so as not to disturb others
  • For a quieter environment, use lab #136 at the Academic Computer Center
  • Come prepared, bring a thumb drive if you intend to save your document for home use, or save on OneDrive
  • Food and drink (including containers) are not permitted in any of the computer labs or electronic classrooms
  • Before you leave, quit all applications and log off to save your files
  • Please be courteous and use your cellular phone outside of the labs
  • Lab phone is for office business only
  • Shirts and shoes must be worn in the labs
  • Do not alter configurations on hardware or software
  • Children are not allowed access to computers

The OIT is not responsible for personal items that are lost, stolen, or damaged. Do not leave valuables unattended while working in the labs, workrooms, etc.

Students exhibiting disruptive behavior will be asked to leave.

Printing Guidelines

Printing is monitored by the OIT and is charged at $.05 for black and $.25 for color per page.  The first $25.00 of printing (500 pages) is free.

Computers are not automatically setup to print. You must select the lab printer to which you intend to print.  The printer names are posted on the printers. 

Printing Etiquette:

  • Printed documents must be course-work related.
  • If your document does not print before you leave the lab, please let the lab assistant know that you will return to pick up your printout.
  • Be considerate when printing large documents, others are also waiting to print.
  • Pick up your printouts
  • Do not send multiple copies of the same document to the printer (Copiers are available at the library)
  • Recycle pages not used

For Individual Classes

Faculty members may reserve some of the labs for their classes. Requests and reservations should be made through Sr. Martha Villeneuve, Director of the Computer Center at least one week in advance.

Scheduling will be made according to space availability and time slots on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Faculty Guidelines

Faculty Use of Computer Labs (For Semester Courses)

The OIT requires approximately 3 months to license and test a new software package before it can be installed on the campus network. Instructors should contact their Director or Chair to coordinate software requirements with the OIT.

Availability of the electronic classrooms for lab-based courses is maintained through Sr. Martha Villeneuve, Director of the Academic Computer Center.  Classes are scheduled each semester on a first-come, first-served basis.

The instructor should be present for the entire class. Computer labs should never be left open and unattended. The instructor is responsible for the following:

  • Enforcing the no food, no drink policy
  • Turning off all computers and equipment
  • Report problems with VDI’s, computers, and software to the Director of the Computer Center, Sr. Martha Villeneuve or the help desk
  • Locking the classroom as needed

Accessibility Options

The Academic Computer Center Lab at Sylvia Trottier Hall is equipped with one Windows 7 workstation to accommodate the physically challenged user.

Regular VDI workstations are all accessible to wheelchair users.

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