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November 28 – Phishing/ “Earn while dong what you love: Shopping”

The email from Lisa Mack with the subject line “Earn while dong what you love: Shopping” is a phishing scheme. Please delete.

October 31 – Phishing/ Ransom email – Password must be changed

Claim: A number of people have reported receiving an email claiming that a programmer hacked your password and for a certain fee they will solve your problem.

Facts:   They do not have your password.  They may have an old one from a breach 5 years ago.

What to do:  Do not open or click on anything. Report to IT. If it is a password you still use, make sure you change it on any site by using each site’s password reset utility. Report to IT at



October 22 – Extortion Emails –

We recently have had a number of people receive extortion emails stating the bad guys have your password and will send incriminating emails to everyone in your contact lists.  Ignore these emails, this is a hoax.  Please contact with any questions. 



October is Cyber Security Month

Take this time to read about important things each of us can do to protect ourselves at home, school, place of work and community infrastructure.

Interested in a career in cyber security or know someone who might be? Click here to learn more about careers in Cyber Security.  Rivier is starting a program this fall – check it out!


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