Finance Office

Accounts Payable

Policies and Procedures 
To aid in the understanding of Accounts Payable department policies and facilitate the prompt and effective processing of forms/requests, please review and follow the policies and procedures provided here.

          P.O’s, Invoices & Reimbursements               Expense Guidelines – Departments
          Purchase Cards & Credit Cards                    Expense Guidelines – Employees
          Petty Cash              

Frequency of Check Runs

The Accounts Payable team processes checks two times each week, on Monday’s and Wednesday’s and checks will be distributed within 2 business days after check runs.

Questions and Comments
If you have questions dealing with Accounts Payable issues, please contact one of the individuals listed below, either by phone or e-mail. 

Accounts Payable       x 8216
Claire Nuenoom

Assistant Controller    x 8481
Meagan Pritchard