Master of Education in Education Studies: Counseling and School Psychology

The program is designed for individuals who hold a bachelor’s degree in education, or a closely related field, and who want to learn and use counseling skills for greater success in their current professional roles. The program provides students with an opportunity to pursue coursework at the master’s level without additional internship requirements.

Program of Study
The curriculum aligns with the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model and the New Hampshire Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Model. Although there is no internship component, the program requires 50 hours of hands-on job shadowing in mental health counseling, school counseling, or school psychology. This is a 37-credit program; click on the View Curriculum icon above to review the course of study and program requirements.

Online, on-site, and hybrid (a combination of classroom and online learning) classes are available to accommodate busy schedules and learning preferences. Courses are offered in 7-week or 14-week terms. There are a total of six 7-week terms per year (two terms in each of the fall, spring, and summer semesters). 14-week terms are offered once per semester in the fall, spring, and summer.

Note: Students completing this program do not meet the criteria for certification as a school guidance counselor by the New Hampshire State Department of Education or for licensure as a clinical mental health counselor by the New Hampshire Board of Mental Health Practice.

Facilities and Resources

Rivier’s Education Center is one of the finest facilities of its kind in northern New England. The Education Center houses the Cho Educational Resource Center, an extensive K-12 curriculum library with recently published textbooks, educational software, a parenting resource center, a children’s literature collection, videos and more. The Education Center also includes counseling rooms with one-way observation windows.

Regina Library offers access to reference materials such as journals and online databases to support student research and learning outside the classroom.

Department of Counseling & School Psychology
Rivier's high-quality, hands-on bachelor's and master's programs prepare students for leadership roles in a global environment. For more information, visit the Department of Counseling & School Psychology.


M.Ed. in Educational Studies graduates can pursue leadership roles as:

  • Public school teachers
  • Private and charter school teachers
  • Human services professionals
  • Learning center directors
  • Corporate trainers

Rivier’s Career Development Center (CDC) provides professional advising, assistance with resume development and career planning, and job search information. For a complete list of CDC resources, .