B.S. in Homeland and International Security

Prepare to be a leader in today's global security arena.

Rivier’s Homeland and International Security degree prepares you to examine and address global security issues and the policy responses to those issues in our changing world. The program places special emphasis on emerging transnational threats – terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, regional and ethnic conflicts, and international crime.

Interdisciplinary coursework includes area studies (research and scholarship on geographical, national/federal, or cultural regions), strategic intelligence analysis methods, and geographic information systems (GIS). Additional curriculum topics include homeland security, vulnerabilities and threats, crisis management, recovery and resiliency, espionage, and computer/cyber security.

Students develop multicultural competencies to better understand a nation’s history, culture, and values. Graduates have developed methods for evaluating the motives influencing a nation’s agenda and are able to comprehend the security implications of a globalized economy.

A partnership with Hellenic American University provides students the opportunity to study in Greece and examine global security issues and threats. Students can pursue foreign language study to further enhance their education and skill set.

Globalization has posed exponential, international-level challenges to world peace, security, and the stability of communities, transcending any defined nation or state boundary. The Homeland and International Security program prepares the next generation of national, regional, and local leaders with an understanding of global development, including the United States. The need for formal education and workforce preparation in the realm of international security affords students true global perspectives, engagement, and career opportunities.

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Department of Homeland & International Security
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B.S. in Homeland and International Security graduates can pursue roles as:

  • Law enforcement officers
  • Intelligence analysts
  • FBI, CIA, and other federal agents
  • Border patrol agents
  • Customs/immigration officials
  • Anti-terrorism specialists
  • Public policy coordinators
  • Foreign service officials

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