B.S. in Biology

Prepare to be a leader in today's scientific world.

Allied Health – Coursework prepares students for careers in medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, or laboratory-based medical research.

Combined Biology – For those with a range of interests, the combined biology concentration provides a broad background in biology and has the flexibility for students to minor in another subject.

Environmental Science – Students pursuing careers in conservation, ecology, animal behavior, or related environmental science fields develop the knowledge and laboratory skills necessary for success at the graduate or professional level.

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Department of Biology
Rivier's high-quality, hands-on bachelor's and master's programs prepare students for leadership roles in a global environment. For more information, visit the Department of Biology.


B.S. in Biology graduates can pursue roles as:

  • Doctors, veterinarians, and pharmacists
  • Research scientists and laboratory technicians
  • Clinical trial directors and pharmaceutical professionals
  • Disease control specialists
  • Environmental scientists
  • Zookeepers, science museum and aquarium staff