What Does a Recruiter Do?

Companies need talented and creative employees to strengthen their organizations in today’s competitive market. Since finding first-rate employees can be a challenging task, companies use recruiters to help them identify prospective candidates who will bring their unique ideas and talents to an organization.

What are a recruiter’s responsibilities? Recruiters are like salespeople. They develop strategies for locating the best applicants for a company, using their carefully cultivated business networks to recruit prospective employees. They develop an employment brand in hopes of standing out from other businesses eager to hire good candidates.

Professional recruiters create advertisements and promotional materials to locate the most talented and qualified candidates, and may even revise career websites in hopes of securing top-notch employees for their firm. They attend job fairs at colleges and universities to recruit future graduates. Recruiters screen applicants, conduct initial interviews and execute background and reference checks. They will also advise managers and employees concerning staff policies and procedures.

Some recruiters focus on selecting people who have already expressed interest in working for a company. Other recruiters pursue professionals who are happy in their current careers and try to persuade them to change employers. This type of recruitment is referred to as headhunting and is often used for executive and other higher-level professional searches.

All recruiters must be well-versed in state and federal employment guidelines. It’s important they possess strong communication skills and have the ability to speak with new hires about health insurance, benefits, salaries and other benefits that appeal to talented individuals.

U.S. corporations spend more than $72 billion annually on recruitment staff, services and products, Forbes reports. The large amount of money reserved for recruitment purposes demonstrates that corporations recognize the need to employ human resource professionals in order to find phenomenal employees.

The average annual salary for a human resources recruiter is $45,750, according to PayScale. In order to earn a higher income, recruiters may wish to become human resources managers. The median annual wage for HR managers is $104,440, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The goal of recruiters is to sell their company to candidates in hopes that they will agree to work for the company. In today’s competitive job market, finding good employees and keeping them is far from easy. For this reason, businesses hire professional recruiters to showcase their organizations so that potential employees will choose to work for them instead of a competitor.

Becoming a Recruiter

Recruiters are typically required to have at least a bachelor’s degree. One of the most common degrees for this career is a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

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