Global Scholars Honors Program

The Global Scholars Honors Program at Rivier University is designed for students to engage in interdisciplinary academic seminars, leadership development and intercultural/service immersion.

The program provides students with global perspective and experience while studying, learning, and leading with other high-achieving peers. The program connects exceptional students with leadership and learning opportunities that prepare them to explore and address the challenges facing local, regional, national, and international communities.

Through an integrated program of courses, immersion experiences, and living and learning communities, global scholars answer three essential questions linked to Rivier’s undergraduate core curriculum Journeys of Transformation: What is dignity?; What is community?; and Who is my neighbor, and why should I care?  

The answers to these questions focus on five threads of Roman Catholic Social Teaching: the dignity of the person, the dignity of the person in the context of community, option for the poor, solidarity, and the care of creation and on their global dimensions.

The Global Scholars Honors Program is open to all majors, providing a robust opportunity for students who want to develop as global leaders for the 21st century prepared to address the world’s most pressing issues.

Program Benefits 

  • Participate in exciting service trips
  • Experience international travel
  • Gain necessary skills for professional success in the modern world
  • Develop cultural competence
  • Study and understand issues that transcend borders
  • Understand the inter-connectivity of the world marketplace
  • Develop understanding of worldwide social justice issues

First-year Students
There is a fall term, classroom-based seminar; the spring term includes cultural immersion and service components. In addition, Global Scholars work on their leadership portfolio with course faculty and the staff from Career Services, dine twice each term with campus and community leaders, and engage in other activities and events.

Criteria for Entrance
Students who show examples of academic achievement, leadership, community service, and growth are invited to participate in the program after admission to the University. At minimum, a student must have a 3.4 GPA and show the ability to succeed in rigorous coursework. The level of coursework taken in high school and nomination from an admissions counselor are additional considerations for nomination to the program.

Upon invitation, students may attend an information session to learn more.

Global Scholars Honors Program Contact

Dr. Brad Stull, Director of General Education or 603-897-8238