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Ivor Pattison
Associate Professor

Ph.D., Boston College
M.S., Boston College
B.S., University of Massachusetts - Lowell

Phone: (603) 897-8478; Email:


  • Violence, and violence prevention in healthcare
  • Mental health issues in adults and elders
  • The psychopharmacological treatment of psychiatric disorders in adults and elders
  • Aging well-----psychological adaptation to aging
  • Research and research methods

Dr. Pattison has worked as a psychiatric nurse for almost 40 years. Throughout this time frame he has held a variety of increasingly demanding professional positions that have ranged from “hands-on” clinical work in acute locked psychiatric settings, psychiatric-intensive-care-units and emergency rooms, to work as an administrator, a consultant, an advanced practice psychiatric nurse, and a teacher.

Ivor holds National Board Certification from the American Nurses’

CredentialingCenter as an Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurse ( APRNBC ) and enjoys advanced practice licensure in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire . For the past ten years he has been a full time faculty member at RivierCollege where he has taught courses in both the Graduate and Undergraduate Programs of the Division of Nursing and Health Sciences. In addition, Ivor works as a Psychiatric Clinician with a Massachusetts based private mental-health group. However, in August of 2005 he began transitioning to his own solo psychiatric mental-health practice in Nashua , New Hampshire , where he provides psychotherapy and psychopharmacology to both adults and elders.

Academic Philosophy
I regard myself as an academically oriented clinician. For me, theory infuses clinical practice with a rich matrix of possibilities, while clinical practice helps drive hypothesis development and the subsequent conduct of research. In essence, the students’ explorations in the classroom should have direct relevance to their work in the clinical setting. With this reality in mind, I make every effort to draw meaningful connections for the students between classroom experiences and the clinical world in which they and I work. Essentially, I try to firmly connect the worlds of research, theory and practice, such that research and theory will have immediate relevance for my students when they are working with patients in the clinical realm.

Recent Publications

  • Predicting violence: nursing diagnosis versus psychiatric diagnosis. Lanza et al. 1994. Journal of Nursing Diagnosis.
  • The relationship of behavioral cues to assaultive behavior. Lanza et al. 1996. Clinical Nursing Research.
  • Validation of a vignette simulation of assault on nurses by patients. Lanza et al. 1997. Image: Journal of Nursing Scholarship.
  • Pattison I.P. How expert nurses respond to clients who present with challenging behavior: forging the dynamic connection (Dissertation). Chestnut Hill,   Massachusetts : Boston   College , 1998.

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