Carol A. Langelier, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Counseling and School Psychology Programs

Educational Background:
Ph.D., Northeastern University
CAGS, Anna Maria College
M.Ed., Northeastern University
B.A., University of New Hampshire

Phone: (603) 897-8285; Email:

Courses Taught:
Basic Human Interaction, Counseling Theory, Techniques of Counseling, Professional Issues in School Counseling, Abnormal Psychology, Perspectives in Cultural Diversity, Advanced Multicultural Perspectives, Introduction to Counseling, Internship Seminar in School Counseling


  • Multicultural issues in counseling
  • Diversity training
  • Mood management (CBT Technique for Adolescents)
  • School counseling
  • School psychology

Professor Carol Langelier began her professional career as a middle school science teacher. After five years of working at the middle school level, she transferred to the high school level where I taught biology, chemistry and physics. 

As she became increasingly aware that she wanted to “do more” with students, especially in terms of their emotional wellness, she pursued my Master’s degree in school counseling. She enjoyed her career as a school counselor for ten years. 

Again, however, she was driven by a desire to “do more” and pursued her C.A.G.S. and Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. As a licensed psychologist, she has worked in outpatient settings including Marriage & Family Therapy Institutes as well in inpatient chronic mental health facilities.  She believes my most important training and learning about the human condition was the work she did with the inpatient, chronic care psychiatric population she served. She also worked as a full-time school psychologist, while working as an adjunct faculty member at Rivier University.

The work she did as an adjunct faculty member, teaching classes in the C.A.G.S. program in school psychology, opened the door to the position she now holds as full-time, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Counseling Programs. 

Her extensive and varied background has enabled her to “give back” to her current graduate students from a perspective of “knowing” that would not have been possible without the richness her professional path afforded her.

Dr. Langelier received the Award for Innovative Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Technology, which was presented to her at the 17th International Conference on College Teaching & Learning in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, April, 2006. She was also nominated for the NHCUC "ED"ies Award in March, 2011. 

Recent Publications

  • NHSCA Annual Conference (2011) Presenter: Bullying & Brain Lock: How Oppressive Educational Environments Impair Learning
  • ASCA Annual Conference (2008) Presenter: The Culturally Competent School Counselor
  • CEC International Conference (2008) Presenter: The Culturally Competent Educator
  • 17th International Conference on College Teaching & Learning (2006), Paper Presented: The Culturally Competent Professor: Our Role in Creating Community
  • Langelier, C. (2006). The culturally competent professor: Our role in creating community. Rivier College Online Academic Journal, Volume 2, Number 1, Spring
  • Connell, D. & Langelier, C. (2005). Understanding the emotional response to learning: Where brain based research and cognitive behavioral counseling strategies meet the road. Rivier College Online Academic Journal, Volume 1, Number 1, Fall
  • Langelier, C. (2005). Mood management: A cognitive behavioral skills building program for adolescents. In G. Waltz & R. Yep (Eds), Vistas: Compelling perspectives in counseling (pp. 79-82), Alexandria, VA: American Counseling Association
  • Langelier, C. (2000). Mood management leader's manual: A cognitive behavioral skills building program for adolescents. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications


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