Student Success Program


Welcome to the Student Success program! We are excited to be an integral part of the first year experience at Rivier and look forward to introducing all first year students to the vast amount of resources and activities that River University has to offer. The Student Success program is comprised of the Transitioning to College Life (TCL) course coupled with Peer Mentoring. Every facet of this program is designed to assist first year students in achieving academic success. A strong community climate on campus begins as early as June Orientation with the introduction of the Mentoring Program student leaders to the freshmen class. Within the first year, each student is required to take the TCL course and is assigned a Peer Mentor to facilitate a positive academic foundation as key life skills are explored and developed.

Transitioning to College Life

This one-credit pass/fail course is designed to help first semester freshmen adjust to the expectations and realities of college life. The class focuses on building personal motivation for succeeding in college, identifying and understanding reasons for academic success, managing time effectively, prioritizing responsibilities, becoming active learners, and preparing for and taking tests.

Peer Mentoring - Mentoring matters: Students helping students

The mentoring program was intended to assist incoming freshman, whether resident or commuter, with a smooth transition to college life. While Rivier University has a relatively small, tight-knit community campus appeal, it has much to offer and discover. A mentor may guide new students to find a place to belong. Rivier Peer Mentors advocate and partners with various campus resources in order to make appropriate referrals, provide information, and counsel its students. Mentoring is a support system to help new students face the challenges of adjusting to a new learning environment while navigating their way through personal, social, and academic experiences. There are over 40 upperclassmen mentors available to answer questions and help assimilate each student into our community at the start of every fall semester.

Three main functions of the Peer Mentoring program:
»     Academic Achievement 
    Encourage students to utilize the Writing and Resource Center, Research Librarians, subject matter tutors, Career Development  Office, Campus Ministry, and the Counseling Center
»     Community Service 
    Engage in community service in partnership with local agencies to further Rivier University’s commitment to social justice.
»     Student Participation    • Attend student government events
    • Participate in organized social activities

For more information, please contact:

Elizabeth Bonin
Student Success Coordinator
(603) 897-8770 



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