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Earn your degree and enhance the lives and education of today’s youth. Rivier's M.Ed. in Middle/Secondary Biology will help you become a well-rounded and certified middle/secondary teacher.

Program Details

  • Next Start Date:  January 15, 2024
  • Est. Program Length:  2 years
  • Credit Hours:  36 – 39
  • Course Length:  7 and 14 weeks
  • Cost Per Credit:  $664

Why Study Middle/Secondary Biology at Rivier?

In Rivier’s M.Ed. in Middle/Secondary Biology program, you’ll strengthen your mastery of academic content through best practices. Coursework in methodology and theory, education, and biology will transform you into a well-rounded and versatile teacher.

Rivier’s Middle/Secondary Biology program is designed for individuals who hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree (or its equivalent) in biology and who wish to complete the education coursework to be recommended for Initial Certification in secondary teaching Life Science.

In the M.Ed. in Middle/Secondary Biology program, you will:

  • Become an effective educator and communicator
  • Connect theory with practice for classroom success
  • Develop your critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Program of Study

This program requires a minimum of 39 credits, which includes coursework and field experiences.

Coursework in education, methodology, and theory spans a wide range of subjects—adolescent identity, curriculum development, technology, learning disabilities, classroom behavior management, advanced content area subjects, and more. Field experiences are embedded in relevant coursework, and the program culminates with a 14-week, six-credit internship.


  • Upon completion of this program, you will be eligible for certification in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and U.S. Territories, the Department of Defense Education Activity, Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario per the NASDTEC Interstate Agreement.
  • Upon completion of the M.Ed. in Middle/Secondary Biology program, you will have developed the skills and competencies listed in the New Hampshire State Department of Education Professional Standards for Teachers, grades 5/7–12.
  • Students seeking teacher certification must apply for licensure after successfully completing all program requirements. New Hampshire teacher licensure is not automatic with the completion of the internship.

Dr. Angela DeSilva Mousseau, Professor of Education, was granted a research award from the National Institute of Health to study the impact of stress on adolescents and young adults. Dr. Mousseau’s research continues to focus on adolescents and young adults. It is grounded in Positive Youth Development with a specific focus on how sense of purpose develops. Her research includes collaboration across multiple universities—including Boston College and Winngate University—and utilizes a mixed-methods research approach to studying the development of purpose.

Innovation Made Possible

With the University’s new Science and Innovation Center, you will conduct independent and group research as well as experiments in our state-of-the-art facility featuring:

  • Learning spaces that foster innovation and discovery
  • Laboratories and equipment designed to solve real-world problems
  • Technology that brings classroom learning to life
  • Collaborative spaces to foster faculty and student research

Watch the video to learn how we put science on display with learning spaces that foster innovation and discovery, laboratories and equipment designed to solve real-world problems, technology that brings the world of science into the classroom, and collaborative spaces for faculty and student research!

Where Will Your M.Ed. in Middle/Secondary Biology Take You?

Graduates of this program are well-rounded academic leaders, prepared to work in a variety of professional and educational settings.


  • Middle school teachers
  • High school teachers
  • Curriculum developers
  • Corporate trainers
  • Learning center directors

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