Religious Studies


LOCATION: St. Joseph's Annex
PHONE: (603) 897-8485

While the Department of Religious Studies does not offer a major course of study, it is a central part of the University's core curriculum. Students take two courses (6 credits) in religious studies during their four years at Rivier and may choose to minor in religious studies.

The Religious Studies department offers a variety of basic courses in:

  • Scripture
  • Biblical Themes
  • The Prophets and Their Message
  • Wisdom Literature
  • The Gospels
  • Letters of the New Testament
  • Theology
  • The Many Faces of Christ
  • Foundations of Christian Theology
  • Christian Symbol and Ritual
  • The Church in the Modern World
  • Christian Marriage
  • Ethics
  • Christian Ethics
  • Bioethics
  • Search for God/Search for Justice
  • Work, Career, and Vocation
  • The Challenge of Peace
  • Death and Dying
  • Spirituality
  • Christian Spirituality
  • Woman and The Spirit
  • Religious Thought
  • The Religious Quest
  • World Religions
  • Western Christianity