Academic Advising

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All Rivier undergraduate day students are required to meet with their academic advisors to register for courses each semester. To ensure a productive advising session, each student should complete the following steps before meeting with their academic advisor:

  • If your registration requires a faculty advisor signature and advising session prior to meeting with your academic advisor, schedule your faculty advising appointment before calling the Academic Advising office to schedule your appointment with an Academic Advisor.
  • Enter your academic advisor appointment time and date in your personal calendar so you don’t forget about the meeting.
  • Review and update your advising/backsheet accordingly. You can access an updated student transcript which lists any previous or current courses you have taken in your MyRiv account. You can also stop by the Academic Advising Office to obtain a current copy of your advising/backsheet.
  • Make a tentative list of courses you plan to take and any questions you might have regarding the following: specific course requirements, interest regarding the pursuit of a minor, graduation requirements, academic difficulties you may be experiencing in a particular course or subject area.

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