Department of Modern Languages

Meet Maria Guida

Assistant Professor

MAT, M.Ed, Rivier College

Phone:  (603) 897-8460

  • Fluency in Italian (mother tongue), English, French, and Spanish
  • Teacher of Spanish, French, and Italian from elementary to advanced levels
  • Teacher of Spanish as relating to health care providers
  • Interpreter and translator of Italian, French, and Spanish

Following my undergraduate work I secured a bachelor and two master degrees from Rivier. I also acquired a full-time position as an assistant professor in the department of Modern Languages. In 1990, I began pursuing an undergraduate degree in French and Spanish at Rivier. I received my double major in French and Spanish in 1994. That same year, I continued my studies toward my first master degree while I assisted teaching French and Spanish. I received my first double master in the Art of Teaching French and Spanish in 1997. Later that same year I began working on my next master's degree in Educational Studies with a concentration in Multicultural/Bilingual Counseling. I received my second master degree in 2000 following two years of half-time work and then becoming a full-time assistant professor in the Modern Languages Department.

Academic Philosophy
"I believe acquisition and application of knowledge in order to reach students’ maximum potential in foreign language communication is essential in the learning process. This includes the pursuit of learning and comprehending other peoples’ cultures, beliefs, and ways of life. The importance of promoting positive reinforcement and cooperative learning among students to ignite interest in the subject matter is a strong pedagogical tool. Moreover, the inclusion of humor to create a comfortable environment where students feel free to express themselves in relation to the language is imperative."

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