History, Political Science, and Criminal Justice

Meet Dr. Martin Menke

Department Coordinator
Director of History and Government Program

Ph.D., Boston College
M.A., Boston College
B.A., Tufts University

Phone:  (603) 897-8603
Email:  mmenke@rivier.edu

Specialties/Research Interests
  • Modern Germany
  • Political Catholicism
  • Modern Europe

Dr. Menke teaches courses in Modern European History and in U.S. History. He also serves as director of the secondary social studies education program (graduate and undergraduate). His research focuses on the tension between national identity and religious identity among twentieth-century German Catholics. He is working on a book-length manuscript re-interpreting the role of German Catholics in the Nazi seizure of power in the context of the political Catholicism of the Weimar Republic.

Recent Publications
  • “Misunderstood Civic Duty: The Center Party and the Enabling Act.” Journal of Church and State 51(2009): 236-264.
  • “The German Center Party and the League of Nations: International Relations in a Moral Dimension.” InSight: Rivier Academic Journal, Fall 2008.
  • “Good Catholics – Good Germans” Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte 14(2006): 1-16.
  • “’Thy Will Be Done: ’Nationalism and Faith in German Catholicism.” Catholic Historical Review, 91(2005): 300-320.
  • Articles in the Encyclopedia of Modern Christian Politics, eds. Roy Domenico and Mark Hanley, eds. (Westport: Greenwood Press, 2006) as well as in the Encyclopedia of Historians and Historical Writing, ed. Kelly Boyd. (London: Fitzroy Dearborn, 1999).

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