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Meet J. Diane Connell

Learning Disabilities Program

Post Doc-Certification, School Psychology
Ed.D., Boston University
M.A., Educational Psychology, Columbia University
B. A., Elementary Education plus certification in Learning Disabilities and Behavior Disorders, Avila College

Phone:  (603) 897-8591

  • Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, and Nonverbal Learning Disabilities
  • Cognition and Learning
  • Multiple Intelligences in an Inclusion Classroom
  • Gender Differences in Learning and the Brain
  • Brain Based Learning
  • Multiculturalism

Diane Connell has been teaching in one form or another since she was seventeen years old when volunteered to help tutor high school students who had dropped out of the public school system in Nashville, Tennessee. She has enjoyed teaching children and adolescents of all ages.
Professionally, she tends to juxtapose four areas: special education, neurology, psychology, and cognition. Her master's degree is in Education Psychology from Columbia University. It was there that she began to integrate her interests in psychology, education, and neuropsychology.
Her interest in brain based learning began when she was teaching at Northeastern University. During this time she read Dr. Howard Gardner’s book, Frames of Mind: the Theory of MultipleIntelligences. Around this time period, she also read Sally Springer and Georg Deutsch’s Left Brain, Right Brain and Joseph LeDoux’s Emotional Intelligence. She began to connect the findings of these theorists to her own teaching.
She has been at Rivier since 1996 where she has ardently pursued her interest in learning disabilities; brain based learning with its neurological foundation; and the areas of emotional and spiritual development.
In the past 6 years, she has developed a passion for writing. She has written one book (Brain Based Strategies to Reach Every Learner, July 2005, Scholastic Publishing) and articles that exemplify and tie together her interests in special education, psychology, neuro-psychology, and teaching. 

Academic Philosophy
"My academic philosophy begins with the idiom “Know Thyself.” I have worked hard to know myself as a person, and as a professor, from different perspectives including multiple intelligences, left/right/middle brain; emotional and spiritual intelligence; and information processing. I teach my students how to know themselves from these perspectives too. I believe that understanding our own strengths and weaknesses will help us relate better to all students: including those whose learning styles are similar to ours, and those whose learning styles are different than ours."

Recent Publications
  • Diane Connell (July 2005) "Brain Based Strategies to Reach Every Learner," Scholastic Publishing, New York: New York.
  • Instructor Magazine (March 2004). The New Gender Gap—Why are so many boys floundering while so many girls are soaring? (with Betsy Gunzelmann, Ed.D).
  • Diane Connell (September 2003) Instructor. “The Invisible Disability.” Scholastic Publishing, New York: New York.
  • Kathy Kobliski, Karol Gibson, and Jodee Szakacs (2004). Teacher to Teacher—How to Find, Define, and Refine your Unique Style of Creative Teaching. Publisher: Teaching point: Jacksonville, Fl.
  • Diane Connell (September 2002). “Left Brain/ Right Brain—Pathways to Reach Every Learner.” Instructor. Scholastic Publishing, New York: New York.

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