Pre-Kindergarten Program

Our Pre-Kindergarten Program tends to the care and development of children four-to-five years old. Engaging hands-on and classroom activities are supplemented by technology through music, instructional videos, and applications.

Our Aquarius Pre-Kindergarten classroom provides children with a safe, nurturing, child-centered space. Engaging activities and learning experiences prepare young learners for increased independence in preparation for Kindergarten. Two-, three-, and five-day schedules are offered to accommodate parents’ schedules. Childcare is available from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Creative Learning Experiences

Enrichment programs focus on storytelling, music, movement, including simple yoga, and drama. Each day a theme-based book and song are introduced to the children, making important connections between literature, life, and learning. Special large group learning experiences, such as experiments, plays and presentations, and group stories are also part of daily activities.

In addition to an engaging classroom, children also enjoy community playtime in the Rotunda, the heart of the Center, and on a large outdoor playground. Outdoor exploration is supplemented by the Enchanted Forest, an outdoor classroom that fosters an appreciation of nature. Along with the physical benefits of outdoor play, the children have the opportunity to engage in social interactions with peers.

Family Communication

Teachers keep in contact with families through Daily Connect, an application that enables two-way communication between parents and staff throughout the day via computer, tablet, or smartphone. Each classroom features a family bulletin board with information on classroom and Center events, and a monthly newsletter describing each month’s learning goals, activities, and a list of books and songs that will be introduced to the children. Additionally, parents regularly receive information and updates via email.


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