Infant Program

Our Infant Program tends to the care and development of children six weeks to 12 months old. The program provides our youngest children with a safe, nurturing, child-centered space and a low teacher-to-infant ratio.

Infants in the Columba classroom enjoy high levels of interaction with their caregivers and learning materials to stimulate their individual development. The program offers a five-day schedule with care available from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Personalized Care

Teachers establish personal relationships with each infant to support healthy attachments through primary caregiving which ensures each child’s emotional and physical needs are being met daily. Infants learn basic sign language gestures enabling them to communicate their needs before they can verbalize them.

Family Communication

Teachers keep in contact with families through Daily Connect, an application that enables two-way communication between parents and staff throughout the day via computer, tablet, or smartphone. Each classroom features a family bulletin board with information on classroom and Center events, and a monthly newsletter describing each month’s learning goals, activities, and a list of books and songs that will be introduced to the children. Additionally, parents regularly receive information and updates via email.


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