Traditions & Ceremonies

The University enjoys many long-standing traditions each year. It is hoped that members of the community will support these customs to ensure their continuance for years to come.

Academic Convocation
Each year, prior to Academic Convocation, first-year students assemble in the Sharon McOsker Tamposi Alumni Legacy Garden and join in a ceremonial walk through the original gates of Rivier College, past the statue of Blessed Anne Marie Rivier, foundress of Rivier University, finishing at the Convocation site to begin their journey as a Rivier University scholar.

Commencement exercises are typically held in mid-May at the Paul Tsongas Arena in Lowell, MA. Visit our Commencement web page for more information.

Heritage Day
The community celebrates the heritage of the University and the congregation which founded it. More specifically, we honor Blessed Anne-Marie Rivier, the foundress of the Sisters, after whom the University is named.

Hooding Ceremony
During graduation week, the Hooding Ceremony celebrates the graduation of all undergraduate and graduate students.

Pinning Ceremony
The Division of Nursing and Health Professions holds a pinning ceremony, a symbolic welcoming of newly-graduated nurses into the nursing profession, during Commencement week. The new nurses are presented with nursing pins by the nursing faculty.

Presentation of Mary Day
On November 21, the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary celebrate a special feast day. This day marks the founding of the order in 1796. The Student Government Association and students join the Sisters and the entire Rivier University community in this celebration.