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Purchase Cards and Credit Cards

Policies and Procedures

Purchase cards may be issued to employees if their position requires frequent travel or purchases. Misuse of p-cards will be cause for immediate revocation. Requests for p-cards should be made through the department manager over the requester's area and then sent to the Finance Office.

At the end of each billing cycle (20th of each month), the Cardholder will be required to submit an expense report on the Centre Suite website within 3 business days for all of the cardholder's transactions for that period.

In order to keep track of all invoices and eliminate double payment to vendors, invoices billed to Rivier University are NOT to be paid by individual credit cards but can be made by AP staff. Please contact the Accounts Payable staff for more information regarding invoice payments.

The cardholder will attach the original sales documents (packing slip, invoice, cash register tape and credit card slips, etc) for all items listed on the monthly statement on the Centre Suite website when preparing the monthly expense report. This data attachment is CRITICAL to enable audit substantiation. The careful matching of complete support documents, including receipts, to the monthly activity is vital to the success of this program.

After this review, submit the monthly statement to the approving supervisor for approval and signature via the Centre Suite website. It is the cardholder's responsibility to submit the signed and reconciled statement, along with the original receipts by the 23rd of each month (or 3 business days following the 20th). Individual cardholder's statements are used in reconciling the monthly University credit card bill. If your expense report is not submitted, your card usage will be suspended.

The approving supervisor will check the cardholder's monthly statement and confirm with the cardholder the following items:

  • Receipts and shipping documents exist for each purchase
  • The goods were received or the services performed
  • Accurate account number provided for expense

The approving supervisor's approval on the Centre Suite website for the cardholder's monthly statement indicates that the cardholder's purchases are authorized, and that those purchases were made in accordance with applicable procedures.

Account managers may only approve expenses pertaining to their own department. If expenses are shared between Account numbers, written approval, including email authorizations, must be obtained from the manager of the account indicated on the statement summary. 

If the Cardholder does not have documentation for a transaction listed on the monthly statement, an explanation should be attached that includes a description of the item(s) purchased, date of purchase, vendor's name and reason for the lack of supporting documentation. THIS SHOULD BE A RARE OCCURRENCE.

Revocation of the privilege of carrying a University credit card will occur should a cardholder routinely fail to follow these requirements. More than two reminders to a cardholder that an approved monthly statement is delinquent will be grounds for withdrawing the credit card from that user.


If an item is not satisfactory, the wrong item is received, damaged and/or defective, order is duplicated etc., the cardholder should make contact with the vendor to explain the problem and resolve the issue.

If items purchased by the use of purchasing cards are found to be unacceptable, the cardholder is responsible for obtaining replacement or correction of the item as soon as possible. If the vendor has not replaced or corrected the item by the date the cardholder receives his/her monthly statement, then the purchase of that item will be considered in dispute. The cardholder should immediately call the Customer Service Line found on back of the MasterCard for any dispute or fraudulent charges on their card.

When disputing a charge, note on the monthly statement that the item is in dispute prior to submitting to Accounts Payable. Please code the item in dispute that will then be credited the following cycle.

If an item has been returned and a credit voucher received, verify that this credit is reflected on the monthly activity on Centre Suite. Credit must be coded to the same account of the purchase.

If purchased items or credits are not listed on the monthly statement, documentation for these items or credits should be retained by the cardholder until the next monthly statement. If the purchase or credit does not appear on the statement within 30 days after the date of purchase, the cardholder or approving manager shall notify the vendor.  

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