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P.O's, Invoices & Reimbursements

The Accounts Payable Department strives to provide the best service possible to its customers. Customer compliance with the procedures below will ensure that all invoices and reimbursement requests are processed in a timely and efficient manner.

Purchase Orders

Accounts Payable requires a purchase order for all purchases and for all contracts entered into by the University that require a payment or multiple payments to be made by the University. To acquire a purchase order, University departments may pick them up in the Accounts Payable Office.

For contracts, please submit a copy of the contract outlining the financial obligations of the contract to the Controller. See Contracts and Contracting.  

The Accounts Payable team processes purchase orders two times each week. If purchase orders must be processed outside the normal processing schedule, the department requiring the purchase order must have approval from the Controller.

Original Invoice Required

Payment will not be made from anything but an original invoice in order to prevent duplicate payments. Packing slips and statements should not be submitted for payment. It is the responsibility of each department to provide an original invoice. If for any reason a copy must be submitted, the top of the invoice should be marked "Original Lost." Make sure that the original has not already been submitted for payment before sending a copy of an invoice to Accounts Payable for processing. All authorizations and account coding should be included on the Purchase Order or noted on the invoice. Approval signatures and account coding should not be made on the remittance portion of the invoice.

Processing Time/Check Distribution for Reimbursements

Properly authorized and coded requests for reimbursement will generally be issued within 30 days of receipt, or by the due date, by the Accounts Payable Department. All checks will be mailed unless otherwise stated. Checks issued to Rivier University employees will be mailed to their campus address.

Approvals Required

A full, legible signature of the individual authorizing payment is required. Department Managers and designated individuals are allowed to approve up to the following amounts listed below. (Alternate limits less than the authorized amounts may be designated by the Vice President/President; any questions related to a position will be left up to the discretion of the Vice President/President.)

Routine Authorization Levels

Up to $700         Department Managers

Over $700          Vice President of Department

Individuals with budgetary responsibility cannot approve their own expense reimbursements. In these situations, the individual's immediate supervisor must approve the reimbursement request.

Please avoid placing approval signatures on the remittance portion of any invoice, as this part of the invoice must be returned to the vendor.

Account Coding

Invoices and reimbursement requests must be coded with the correct account number. Invoices  and  reimbursement  requests  submitted  with  incorrect  account  coding  will  be returned. Account coding should not be written on the remittance portion of any invoice. See Chart of Accounts.  

Remittances Requiring Enclosures with Checks

Any forms to be included with the check when mailed should be included with the purchase order or invoice. The Accounts Payable Department will be responsible for enclosing the document with the check. When submitting subscriptions, dues payments, or any other payment request without an invoice number, the original of the invoice must be attached to send with the payment. This will assist the vendor in crediting the University with payment of the invoice.

Voided Checks

Please do not destroy voided checks. If a check is no longer needed, send it to Accounts Payable for tracking purposes. (This is an audit requirement.)

Payments to Vendors Require a W-9

A completed W-9 form must be on file in the Accounts Payable Department for all new vendors, including, but not limited to individuals, partnerships, corporations, and attorneys. This form must be completed before payment can be made. For individuals, the Tax ID number is generally the individual's social security number. Partnerships and other business organizations are assigned a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) by the IRS.

Payments to individuals

It is extremely important that any payment for work done by a student or employee of the University be processed through Payroll rather than through Accounts Payable. Payments in excess of $600 made to individuals through Accounts Payable are reported annually to the IRS on form 1099. If you are unsure as to the proper handling of payments to be made to an individual, please call the Assistant Controller at ext. 8481.


An honorarium is provided as a token of appreciation for participation in an activity or event, and not as a contractual obligation to pay for services rendered. An honorarium is usually a one-time payment made to an individual (not a corporation, business or partnership), who is not an employee of the University, for a special and non-recurring activity or event. Payments in excess of $600 made to individuals through Accounts Payable are reported annually to the IRS on form 1099.

Budget Guidelines

All departments are expected to stay within total budget in materials and service line items for the department. Exceeding the budget in a single line-item is fine, but going over in the total department is not. 

All departmental budgets are monitored, and exceeding the budget in total may result in reimbursements being denied or University credit cards being suspended. End of the year shortfalls may result in cutback to subsequent year budgets to cover the overage.   


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