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"I strongly invite students to take advantage of the writing center. Students often think that they must have everything perfect when they write. I tell them to just write. "Don't fight it, write it!" If they don't write, they have nothing to correct. I also ask them to use spell check, even if they are in a hurry. Although spell check doesn't pick up wrong use of "their" or "there" for example, at least it is a start. I also ask students to have a peer read their writing.... a fresh set of eyes is wonderful for understanding content, spotting grammar and spelling errors, etc."
- Paula Williams  

"Write, rewrite, then rewrite it again... Write it, then read it to someone; maybe even to yourself in the mirror. Does it make sense? If you can't get started, write something, even if it is not an introductory piece, and then you may be able to bring it back to the beginning."
- Sue Murphy  

"Write directly into the computer’s word processing program. Do not waste time writing your thoughts down and then typing them into the computer because it is hard to be spontaneous and creative if writing in this fashion. The initial step is to simply commit your ideas to the computer. Once you have the narrative written, go to its beginning and spend time correcting the spelling and grammar.

Always go back at a later date, for example the next day, to re-read your work. Read it as though you are reading it for the first time. Look for errors, typo’s and illogical connections. Make sure each paragraph flows from the previous paragraph and into the next with clear transition sentences. Finally, have someone you know read your document. Ask for critique and make changes to the document accordingly.

Remember, writing is a process that demands time, attention, revising and rewriting. It is a very rare person who can write a paper or an article in one sitting. Most good writers will tell you that they have to make several revisions of a document before they are satisfied with it."
- Ivor Pattison