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Download Fall 2018 Course Proposal  

Dear Prospective RISE Facilitator:

The Rivier Institute for Senior Education (RISE) provides facilitators an opportunity to intellectually engage adult learners who have a passion for learning. Facilitators offer course structure and guidance. In addition, they create an atmosphere of trust and safety in discussion and assist in the management of the exchange of ideas, information, and opinions. At RISE, there are no grades, no credit, and no tests. RISE members truly appreciate their courses and the expertise of the facilitators.
Members of the community, from teachers to artists to professional chefs, and RISE members can facilitate a class. An honorarium to facilitate a class for RISE is $130 per course. RISE offers two semesters per year: fall (September – November), and spring (February – April). Courses meet once per week, for either five or ten weeks, 90 minutes per class.

Courses at RISE are as varied as the people who teach them; facilitators can draw upon their life studies, expertise, and interests to create courses that are stimulating and informational. You can always glance at past brochures to get ideas of what has been done before, and what areas you can uniquely explore!

If you are interested in facilitating a course for RISE, please download, complete, and submit the course proposal form (see the link below). 

Please do not hesitate to contact the office to learn more about RISE. We can be reached at (603) 897-8623 or rise@rivier.edu.


• RISE reserves the right to select or reject courses based on the needs of the program and interests of its members.

• RISE facilitators do not have a personal agenda or a platform for furthering personal beliefs.

• Businesses may not be promoted during any RISE session.

• All RISE facilitators who teach a class involving sports, exercise, or other physically-related activities need to be certified. Proof of certification is needed and required when submitting the Course Proposal.

• RISE facilitators who charge class participants a supply fee are required to submit receipts to the RISE office for the items purchased. The facilitator must return any collected unexpended funds to class participants by the end of the semester.

• Facilitator time management and classroom transition etiquette: Please practice good time management. If possible, begin wrapping up your discussions 10 minutes before class ends. Do you best to finish your class on time. This will greatly help the next facilitator waiting for the room. Transition time between classes is short.

• If you are waiting for the room, do not knock on the door or enter the room. Allow the class to finish, without interruption. Once class is dismissed, let RISE members exit the class. Please exercise patience when transitioning from one class to another. Also, please remember to show courtesy and respect towards fellow RISE members, RISE/Rivier staff, and Rivier students and faculty.


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