Landry Early Childhood Center

Gemini & Big Bears Older Toddler Program

Program Overview 
The LECC’s Older Toddler Program tends to the care and development of children two-to-three years old. Two-, three-, and five-day schedules are offered to accommodate parents’ schedules. Childcare is available from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The Older Toddler classrooms provides children with a safe, nurturing, child-centered space; children also enjoy playtime and exploration in the Rotunda, the heart of the Center, and a large outdoor playground and nature area, the Enchanted Forest. Along with the physical benefits of outdoor play, the children have the opportunity to engage in social interactions with peers, such as kicking a ball back and forth to each other and building sandcastles.

Children enjoy many hands-on and engaging classroom activities. Technology is used to augment the curriculum with music, watching live feeds of animals, and interactive book readings. Enrichment programs focus on storytelling, music, movement, and drama throughout the year.  

LECC_GeminiJoeyCurriculum & Accreditation
The Landry Early Childhood Center is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Our curriculum respects individual learning styles and promotes growth in all areas of development: cognitive, emotional, language, physical, and social.

Meeting these standards provides a curriculum of carefully balanced, developmentally appropriate practices for strong skills building. Skills development focuses on expanding expressive and receptive vocabularies; identifying items in the environment by number, size, shape, and color; becoming more independent by completing basic tasks like picking things up and putting them away; and cognitive “play” for decision making on simple items such as what book they might like to read or what to do when they approach a busy street.

In addition to specially designed, age-appropriate classrooms, the Center offers: 

The Rotunda, a large multipurpose room, provides a space for community-based activity and learning.

The teacher-designed George Reynik Memorial Playground engages children in outdoor play and the development of motor skills.

The Enchanted Forest functions as an outdoor classroom. Adjacent to the playground, this space includes climbing walls and logs; bird houses and feeders; musical boards; and vegetable and butterfly gardens.

music enrichment program introduces students to musical instruments, music genres from multiple cultures, and movement and dance.

Observation rooms are available with one-way mirrors for unobtrusive observation by parents, students, therapists, and staff members as part of Rivier University's learning environment.

A full-time, on-site registered nurse provides health assessment and care for children. Our nurse consults with families and also develops health and safety programs for the children.

Family Communication
Older toddlers' teachers and staff keep in contact with families through Daily Connect, family bulletin boards, and a monthly newsletter. Daily Connect is an application that enables two-way communication between parents and LECC staff throughout the day via computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Each classroom features a family bulletin board with information on classroom and Center events, and a monthly newsletter describing each month’s learning goals, activities, and a list of books and songs that will be introduced to the children. Additionally, the Center Director regularly sends information and updates to parents via email.

Teaching Team and Student Interns

Gemini Room - Lead Teacher
Tamra Biedrzycki 
B.A. in Home Economics with a specialization in Early Childhood Education
Mrs B. joined the LECC in 2009. Prior to joining the Center, she worked for nine years with children ages two to six at another local child care center.

Associate Teacher
Jessica Harrington
B.A. in Early Childhood Education/Human Development/Special Education
Miss Harrington has worked in the LECC since 2010 when she entered Rivier University. She joined the staff after her graduation in 2014. 

Big Bears Room - Lead Teacher
Janell Davis
B.A. in Human Development 
Mrs. Davis, a Rivier University graduate, joined the LECC in 2009.

Associate Teacher
Hailey Rousseau
B.A. in Early Childhood Education
Miss Rousseau, also a Rivier graduate, joined the LECC in 2016.

Rivier University Education Students
Under the supervision of Lead and Associate teachers, students from the Rivier University Education Department observe and work with LECC children as part of their coursework. During the semester, students may have opportunities to develop and implement activities and participate in scheduled Center activities.

Register Today: For enrollment and registration information, please contact us. To speak with Center Director Nancy Pynchon, call (603) 897-8240 or email