Writing Program

For Students

Procedure for Transferring Writing Credits

Transfer Professional Studies students submit a writing sample in addition to their application's Statement of Purpose.  These compositions are evaluated by faculty from the Department of English as an assessment tool and are a prerequisite for ENG 115 First Year Seminar: Writing (day students) or ENG 120: Composition in Context I (evening students).  Should results indicate that a student would benefit by taking ENG 102: Introduction to Writing II, as a prerequisite for the core curriculum writing course, ENG 102 will be accepted as an elective toward graduation.

The following policy applies to transfer students: 

  • transfer students who have no credits must submit the writing sample
  • transfer students who have received a grade of C or better in a writing course equivalent to ENG 115 or 120 will be awarded transfer credit for the course, if this credit was earned within a period of no more than five years prior to matriculation at Rivier;
  • transfer students who have received a grade lower than a grade C will be required to submit the writing sample;
  • transfer students who have credits in writing—of any grade—that are older than five years prior to matriculation are required to submit the writing sample.

Students demonstrating low reading or writing proficiencies participate in a tutorial program provided by the College. Tutorial courses are graded on a pass/fail basis, and students receive one academic credit for each tutorial they complete.  

Please contact the Office of Academic Advising to set up an appointment to compose a writing sample.