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Library Instruction Faculty Feedback Form

A library instruction was given for the course listed below during the semester. At this time we are assessing the instruction presented. Please take a moment to respond to the questions below. Thank you.

Required fields are denoted by an asterisk (*).

* 1. The Library Instructor contacted me in advance to discuss what would be covered in the class.
* 2. Specific material that I asked to have covered was presented thoroughly.
* 3. The content of the Library presentation was appropriate to my class.
* 4. The hands-on computer practice was appropriate for the needs of my class.
* 5. Sufficient time was devoted to discussion and student questions.
* 6. I would recommend course-integrated library instruction to other faculty members.

Please allow up to 48 hours for a response
(time may vary during weekends and holidays)

For Immediate Assistance
Call the library: (603) 897-8256
Stop by the Reference Desk
Schedule a One-on-One Research Consultation: (603) 897-8673