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Graduating Class Gift Program

The Graduating Class Gift recognizes the generosity of graduating students as they give back to the University in support of current and future students. The mission of this long-standing tradition is to promote a philanthropic spirit among the graduating class by providing students an opportunity to start their legacy of giving to the University. This gift is one way graduating students can demonstrate their pride in being a River graduate. 

Students graduating with the Class of 2015 are asked to make a gift of $20.15 in honor of their 2015 graduation year. Gifts to the Rivier University Fund directly support current and future Rivier students through financial aid and scholarship support. 

Making a gift is quick and easy and can be done in several ways:


  1. Make your gift in person at the Office of Student Affairs in the Dion Center.
  2. Send your gift by mail to:

           Rivier University
           Office of University Advancement and Alumni Relations
           420 S. Main Street
           Nashua, NH 03030
  3. Make your gift online at

Thank you for helping carry on this special Rivier tradition and for joining us in making your first gift to Rivier University through the 2015 Graduate Class Gift program.


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