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Using the Printing System

As part of the RivCard system, we have implemented a new print accounting system. As in the past, all students receive $25.00 of free printing at the beginning of each semester. The cost for printing is 5¢ per black and white page (10¢ for double sided printing), and 25¢ for color pages (50¢ for double sided color). If you use up your allotment of free printing you can add additional funds the printing account portion of your RivCard at

All of the academic print queues have been moved to a new print server as part of the new system. Returning students will have old print queues installed on their profiles; these printers should be removed to avoid confusion. Any printer that is listed as on PRINT1 or PRINT2 should be removed. You can remove the printers by clicking on the Start Menu, then Devices and Printers, then right clicking on the icon for the printer they want to remove and selecting Remove Device. The new print queues – the only ones that you should use - are all located on PRINTV. PRINTV is the new print server.

The procedure for adding a printer has not changed. Students should click on the start menu, and then Devices and Printers  

Screenshot 1

Then click on Add a Printer  

Screenshot 2

Then click on Add a network, wireless, or Bluetooth printer  

Screenshot 3

Then click on The printer that I want isn't listed  

Screenshot 4

Then click on Find a printer in the directory, based on location or feature, and click Next  

Screenshot 5

Select the printer you would like to connect to by name by clicking on it, then click OK  

Screenshot 6

Click Next  

Here you may choose to make this printer your default printer by selecting the check mark, click Finish and you are done. Repeat the process for any other printers you may wish to print from. You may notice your system tells you that the printer is paused, this is normal and part of how the accounting software works. Your print job will print even though your system tells you the printer is paused.  

Screenshot 7

Screenshot 8 All academic computers on campus should have the print control software running on them. When the print control software is running, you will see this icon in the system tray (the lower right of your desktop, if the icon is hidden you can click on the small white triangle to reveal hidden system tray icons). If you do not see this icon, you will not be able to print to an academic printer from that computer. Usually restarting the printer will cause the icon to come back, if you can not get the icon to appear, try moving to another computer to print.

You can check the balance of your printing account by right clicking on this icon and selecting check balance, your printing balance will be displayed on the screen like so:

Screenshot 9Screenshot 10

When you send a print job to one of the new print queues, you should see a pop up window like this:

Screenshot 11 (If you do not see this window the print control software is most likely not running on the computer, try restarting the computer or moving to another computer)

This window identifies the username of the account you are logged on with, the title of the document you are printing, the total pages in the print job, and the cost per page. To print your job and charge your account click on Print Job at the lower left of the window. Your job should now print from the printer, and you will a confirmation and your printing account balance displayed like so: Screenshot 12  

If you have any difficulty adding a printer or printing, library staff or computer lab assistants may be able to assist you, and of course you can always contact IT Support at 897-8469 with any questions.

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