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The Office of Information Technology makes available to students, faculty, and staff a wide range of academic and professional services, listed below. 

Full Internet BrowsingRivier University is connected to the Internet via a quad T1 link. At more than 6.0 Mbps, this connection provides fast web access for research, recreation, and staying connected with the world. Access to the World Wide Web is provided in the Academic Computer Center, Regina Library, and various Electronic Classrooms throughout campus. Although OIT recommends the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer for its compatibility with our software infrastructure, we also make the current version of Netscape Navigator and Mozilla Firefox available on all desktops. Also, for those interested students, the OIT provides direct data connections to the dormitories so that students can access the Internet from the quiet of their dorm rooms (Some configuration is required.)

E-Mail ServicesOnce you have signed up for and received a user account you will be given a free e-mail account to use for the duration of your stay here at the  university. Your e-mail account will follow the format of, and is accessible from your personal e-mail client or Outlook Web Access.

Personal Drive SpaceOnce you have signed up for and received a user account you will be granted access to Personal Drive Space. Also known as a "P-Drive," it is a designated area on a network file server for you to store your personal computer files. This means that students need not carry floppy disks from location to location, or risk theft or loss of information. Simply save your documents to your "P-Drive" and they will always be accessible from any Windows computer on campus! Also, as it is a network file server, your "P-Drive" is backed up on a nightly basis, providing maximum data protection. To access your "P-Drive" log onto any system on campus and double click the "My Computer" icon, then select your username.

Dorm Room Network ConnectionsThe OIT also provides for student internet access in the dorm room. This means that students with their own computers can access the internet from the comfort of their own room. A standard network cable (ethernet cable) is required. The OIT will assist you with properly configuring your computer for use on the network. There is no charge for simple configuration. Configuration and evaluations can be scheduled by calling the help line on campus at x8469, or off campus at (603) 897-8469.

Student, Faculty, and Staff Web HostingPut yourself on the World Wide Web! Any student, faculty or staff member who wishes to design a web site can place it on the Rivier  University web server. Sites can be accessed through the People link on the Rivier  University home page, and can range from a simple HTML document to one that includes Client and Server Side Scripts. The OIT runs Microsoft IIS, so the use of ASP is fully supported. For full information on setting up a web site, contact IT Support.

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