Career Development

Networking Groups

Networking groups are a great way for new job seekers and those in career transition to share networking contacts and job search strategies.  Many of these groups offer workshops or engage guest speakers to provide tips and resources for enhancing the job search. 

Local Groups 

Networks of young professionals --aged 20 to 40– looking to establish and expand their social and professional circles, while participating in activities and programs designed to expand one’s professional toolkit.  You can search for a local chapter near you. 

NH chapters:

WIND Networking  A local forum for professionals in job transition with locations in NH, MA, and RI.  Provides job seekers with a chance to network with others during times of career change and to sharpen job search skills. 

Dynamic Networking Group - a group of business professionals dedicated to helping its members successfully navigate the challenges of a career transition.  Members meet in Manchester, NH and exchange search strategies, offer suggestions and leads, and provide the social support.  Guest speakers share their expertise -- on topics within the "career transition" and "professional development" categories -- with the group.

Greater Boston Events List for Professionals - lists important events for networking, technology training, entrepreneurial, product launches, conferences, trade-shows etc.  The calendar includes weekly events in life sciences, clean energy, technology, business, finance, legal, media etc.

Boston Women's Network - offers innovative programs that provide a diverse group of women with opportunities for networking, connecting and learning from and with each other.

Network and Job Search Support by State - search networking support groups by state

The Riley Guide - explains the reasons for joining a networking support group and offers resources on government services, online groups, networking web sites, nationwide listings and organizations, and networking support groups by region.


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