In anticipation of the winter weather arriving tomorrow, Rivier University will be closed on Wednesday, November 26th. All offices will be closed and classes are cancelled. Check the Rivier website for complete information. Please travel safely for holiday break.

Public Safety


CAMPUS 24 HOUR LINE: (603) 888-1666
PHONE: (603) 897-8888
FAX: (603) 897-8807

The Public Safety Office maintains the campus as a safe and pleasant place in which to live, work and study. Public Safety personnel conduct foot, bicycle and vehicle patrols of the main campus and areas owned by the University. Patrols are maintained 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on a year round basis. The department office is located in the Dion Center on the main floor.

The department office is routinely open during normal business hours and is covered by student dispatchers during the evening hours. Employees, students, and off campus persons may directly access the department by calling the 24 hour monitored phone line at (603) 888-1666.

Parking Violation Appeal Form 

Silent Witness Form 

Yellow call boxes are located in the following locations:

  • Guild Hall - Main Entrance
  • Trinity Hall - Main Entrance
  • Muldoon Health & Fitness Center
  • Dion Center - Clement St. Entrance
  • Memorial Hall Rear Door
  • Memorial Hall 2nd Floor
  • Early Childhood Center Playground
  • Mendel Hall - Clement St. Entrance
  • Madeleine Hall - Carport Side
  • Regina Library - Main Entrance
  • Sylvia Trottier Hall Front and Rear Doors
  • Benoit Education Center - Lower Outside Door
  • Benoit Education Center - 3rd Floor
  • Field House - Front
  • Presentation Hall - Main Entrance
  • Brassard Hall - Main Entrance


Nashua Police Department (non-emergency): (603) 594-3500
Nashua Fire Department (non-emergency): (603) 594-3636


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