Word 2010
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Table of Contents

Ribbon, toolbars, icons, taskbars
File button
Quick access toolbar
     Undo/redo icons
Bottom status bar
Open/Save/Print option
Save in .pdf format
Open recent documents
Print/print preview options
Open .odp, .odt., or .ods files

Viewing options
Split a screen
Disable reading layout in W attachments
Format the page Format the text Format the paragraph
Set default margins
Default line spacing 1.5
Artistic horizontal lines
Remove page numbers
How to create a booklet (video 5.3 min.)
Disable reading layout in W attachments

Word count
Missing top/bottom margins
Clear formatting
Capitalize first letter of sentences
Format painter
Chance case options
Odd spacing in document
Autodate a document
Text is in ALL CAPS
Grow/shrink font on the fly
Copy and paste text only

Format painter
Add a drop cap
Managing spaces after a period
Widow and orphan text

Insert columns
Lopsided to even columns
Vertical line between columns
Page and column breaks

Edit options Spell checking options Insert options
Edit with formatting marks
Restrict editing of a file
Blue squiggly underlines
Artistic horizontal lines
Gender-specific words 
Contextual spelling 
Red, green or blue squiggly underlines
Flag UPPERCASE words or Acronyms
Spell checking text boxes
Spell checking URLs/Emails
Avoid beginning sentences with and, but, hopefully

Add words to dictionary
Edit custom dictionary
Delete misspelled words
Insert Euro currency symbol
Insert a file
Create a check box list
Embed .pdf file into Word .doc



Insert hyperlinks
Open hyperlinks
Activate a hyperlink
Disable spell checking internet and e-mail addresses
Create hyperlink to e-mail address
Mail Merge and Labels
Saving a return address
Insert a bookmark
Go to a bookmark
Delete a bookmark
Gray brackets around bookmarked text
Insert a table
Reuse a custom table
Format table with styles
Format table with borders
Repeat table headings on each page
Side by side tables
Update fields and data automatically
Convert text to table
Convert table to text
Split a table
Wide table splits on two pages
Insert multiple rows in a table
Disable reading layout in W attachments


Create watermarks
Expand watermark over entire page

Working with images
Wrap text around image
Change image into an autoshape
Artistic horizontal lines
Group/ungroup images


Headers and Footers
Insert a simple header/footer
Insert page numbering options

Footnotes and Endnotes
Renumber footnotes in book chapters
Word count in footnotes & endnotes
Insert chapters into book format
Delete endnote line separators


Table of Contents
Part 1: Mark TOC entries
Part 2: Create TOC
Part 3: Update TOC
Mark special entries

Multiple documents
Merge documents
Embed .pdf file into Word .doc
Cover pages, Themes , Styles
Insert and modify a cover page
Apply a theme
Apply quick styles
Block editing of quick styles
Building blocks
Insert building blocks
Edit building blocks
Save a new building block
Reuse a custom table
Citations and Bibliographies
Create the bibliographic sources
2. Insert a citation
3. Citation: add new placeholder
4. Manage bibliographic sources
5. Add bibliography to document
Document statistics / history
Word count and doc statistics
Word count with footnotes & endnotes
Created, printed, saved dates
Filename and path
Secure/Safeguard documents
Inspect doc for hidden and personal data

Manage document properties
Password protect the document