Windows 7
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Table of Contents

Videos Videos Videos
Getting around the desktop
   Video (5:58 minutes)
   Printable guide (.pdf / 5 pages)
Finding your files
   Video (4:35 min.)
   Portable guide (.pdf / 3 pages)
Personalize your PC
   Video (4:50 min.)
   Printable guide (.pdf / 7 pages)
Taskbar Finding documents / files Organizing documents
Taskbar location
Desktop taskbar icons
Shut down the computer
Resize the taskbar
Understanding the start menu
Start menu Search box
Find the p:\drive
Using libraries
Viewing jumplists
Printing Options
Disable printer notification
Customizing Windows Using earlier versions of Windows Desktop features
Enlarge mouse pointer
Add Run Command to start menu
Run program in older version of Windows Snap/Unsnap windows
Program not responding
Open in maximized window    

Updated: July 05, 2012

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