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Hyperlink to Word Document

In a PPT presentation, I wanted to add a hyperlink to a Word document. When I opened the presentation in my office the link worked. When I gave the presentation off campus the link was blank.

The link opened in your office because the Word .doc was located on your p:\drive. When you opened the presentation off campus, the link to your p:\drive  and associated files was unavailable.

The next time you create a presentation to be given off campus, group all the needed files together in a separate folder.

When mixed media is added to a presentation, all the data files must be grouped together in a separate folder. Data files include: Word .doc, Excel spreadsheet, video file, music file, etc.

Create a folder for the data files. If you are using a laptop for the presentation, create a folder on your hard disk, thumb drive or CD. Use your p:\drive when you give the presentation on the campus.

Cut/Paste or Save the PPT presentation to the folder you created.

Find the Word .doc and also Cut/Paste or Save the document in the folder you created.

Delete the old hyperlink from your presentation.

Create a new hyperlink and link it to the Word .doc in the folder you created.

Repeat the process for any other file you want to include in the presentation: music, video, etc.


The link will now be activated.

Updated:  September 11, 2012
 Sr. Arlene Callahan
 Training Manager
 Rivier University
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