PPT 2007
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Table of Contents

Ribbon & Toolbars
Up to speed with PPT 2007 (MS video)

New PowerPoint ribbon
Dialog box launcher
Office button
Quick access toolbar
Bottom status bar
Move desktop icons

Add Quick Print icon
Roll between tabs
Compatibility Options
Working in compatibility mode
     Run compatibility check
Office Compatibility Pack


Open and Save Options
 Convert .zip file to .ppt/.ppt format
 Save in 97-2003 format
 Save to P:\drive
 Can't find P:\drive on Vista 
 Package presentation to CD
 Pushpin use in recent docs list
 Opening .odp, .odt, or .ods      formats
Print Options
Print handouts
Publish presentation to Word
Proof a Document
Spelling Options
    Contextual spelling
    Edit custom dictionary

Multiple UNDO levels
Format the text
New ClearType fonts
Clear text formatting

Mouse wheel's quick zoom
Insert Euro symbol
Grow/shrink font
Font Management
New ClearType fonts
Replace fonts
Embed fancy fonts
Opening hyperlinks
Hyperlink an image

Hyperlink to Word document
Work with Slides
Use end slide
Hide/Show a slide
Slide sorter and changing order of slides
Reuse slides from different file
Working with Transitions
Insert transitions between slides (MS video)
Add sound to slide transitions
Insert Symbols
Insert Euro currency symbol


Explode a slice
Files / Folders
Send folder via email or zip file
How do I find the file size
Using Themes/Designs
Apply and customize a theme
Apply a different theme to a slide(s)

Save a new theme
Adjust Design spacing and fonts
Additional themes/designs
SmartArt Graphics
How to use SmartArt graphics (demo)
Convert slide to SmartArt

Type in text pane
Working with Images
Change image into an autoshape

Security Options

Inspect PPT for personal information

Updated:  September 11, 2012

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Training Manager
Rivier University
Nashua, NH 03060

E-mail: acallahan@rivier.edu