Outloook 2007
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Table of Contents       

Outlook ribbon interface & toolbars
New Outlook ribbon
Office button
Dialog box launcher
Move icons around toolbars

Advanced toolbar
Show/Hide the ruler

Print options
Print message and attachment with 1 click

Security Information
Secure and Nonsecure content

Managing distribution lists
Create distribution list
Send/save distribution list attachment
Remove name from distribution list

Update and maintain a RC Group Dist List
Print a distribution list
Manage e-mail messages
Save a message
Recall a message
Unread messages
Cc and Bcc copies
E-mail forwarding and replying styles
Activate AutoComplete feature

Request delivery/read receipts
Coding confidential messages
Find related messages
Delete e-mail rule
Message header in foreign language
Advanced search
Handle attachments
Insert a document
Insert an item (e-mail message)
Insert image file

Save the attachment
Open Word attachment in full screen reading view
Edit/Format Text
Edit e-mail message
Spelling Options
    Contextual spelling
    Edit custom dictionary

Insert Euro symbol
Mark comments with [Name]
Grow/shrink font
Opening hyperlinks
Manage folders
Sent items folder
Forward messages to specific folder
Send folder via email or zip file
Navigation and reading panes
Change font size in navigation & reading panes
Sorting incoming messages
Controlling junk e-mail
Block sender
Safe senders
Add contacts to safe senders list
Empty junk e-mail folder
Not junk e-mail
Delete e-mail rule
Managing Graphics
Insert a chart
Signature File
Insert signature file
Internet Options
RSS Feeds
View monthly appointments
Add US and other holidays
Add a second time zone
Zoom Text
Mouse wheel's quick zoom
Detect and Repair
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