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Multiple UNDO Levels

When using the PowerPoint program, many changes are made on slides, etc. For this reason, Microsoft has added multiple UNDO levels. The number of UNDOS can be expanded.

Default number is 20
Minimum number is 3
Maximum number is 150 ... larger numbers are not recommended.

To customize the numbers
Open the presentation
Click the Office Button
Select PowerPoint Options / Choose Advanced
Go to Editing options

Customize as needed

Using Multiple Undo Levels

As you make changes in the PowerPoint slides, all the changes are recorded in the Undo button. If you have several changes to Undo, just click the arrow on the Undo button and the following list of Undos will display.


    The most recent Undo actions are listed on the top

    Place the cursor on the top level and drag down ... I have chosen 3

    Notice the message at the bottom of the screen ... Undo 3 Actions

    Click the third Undo action named Typing and all 3 actions will be removed

    Or, just click the one action you want to undo


This is a great feature if you do a lot of editing.

Updated:  July 05, 2012                   

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