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Apply and Customize a Theme

A new feature is the ability to apply predefined themes to the document. The Document Theme defines the colors, fonts, tables, charts and graphic effects for a document. Themes provide consistency across the document. They also provide a coordinated look in Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint slides. The same theme will blend any graphics into a coordinated document that has a professional look.

Create your presentation first; then use the themes to create a professional looking document.

Open PowerPoint or
Go to Design tab / Themes Group

The following predefined themes will display:

If you have chosen a theme for the entire document, then select that theme.

If not, Select one of the themes that you like ... do not get caught up in the color scheme that can be changed.

Select theme colors to see what other color combinations are available

After you have selected a Color Scheme
You can also change the fonts, and effects

A great  new feature is the ability to change the Background Styles for the theme

Go to Background Group
Click Background Styles

There are many options to select for a background. The colors change with the selected Color Scheme

Another useful function found in the Background Group is the Hide Background Graphics box

This is useful is you are inserting clip art, etc. and need more space on the slide; or, the theme distracts from the presentation. The Hide Background Graphics can be applied to any one slide.

If you click the blue arrow in the Background Group, it is possible to Format the Background using other options. Select as needed.

Click Close to Apply to one slide or Click Apply to All button

Updated:  July 05, 2012

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