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Adjusting Design Spacing and Font 

When some PowerPoint templates are downloaded from the web, the spacing and font size need to be adjusted. However, the customizing features are easy to use.

Here is a downloaded PPT template that needs to be customized. The bullets are way over to the left and the font size could be larger:

Click in the bulleted space and make sure the handles are displaying.
The small white circles are used to drag and make the template larger or smaller (diagonally)
The small white squares and used to drag and make the space larger or smaller (horizontally)
In this case, you want to move the bulleted text to the right.
Click the small white square and you will see <-> a double sided arrow that allows you to drag to the right or left. In this case drag the square handle to the right until the text is where you want it.

Keep the bulleted text as is. Or, the size of the text could be larger to fit into the area.
Highlight all the bulleted text

Go to Home tab / Font group
Select a different font and/or font size

The spacing and the print size has been customized to fit this particular design.
Adjust as needed.

When you are satisfied with the design

Go to the far right and click the down arrow

The following dialog box opens
As you save themes they will be grouped under the Custom Section
Go to the options section at the bottom of the pop-up

Click Save Current Theme
The location for the Document Themes will be set automatically
File name box: Type in a name for the theme
Save as type: accept default ... Office Theme
Click Save

The new theme will now display in the Custom Theme section.
Some of the themes in the Custom Theme section cannot be edited.

All of the themes in the Built-in section can be edited.

Updated:  July 05, 2012
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