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RSS Feed (Really Simple Syndication)

Definition: RSS Feed is syndicated information that is sent through RSS technology from websites to Internet users. Users can subscribe to feeds from a variety of websites, and then new information from those websites is sent directly to them through an RSS reader. It is similar to receiving e-mail.

RSS Feeds allow online publishers of magazines, web sites, news, organizations, blogs, and other content to send regular and updated information directly to the Outlook 2007 program, the place where you spend a lot of work time.

Instead of going to your favorites list or sites index, you can have that same content delivered to your mailbox via RSS feed.

Look for the RSS Feed Icon on the Outlook folder list or from a website

Add RSS feed from Outlook 2007 program

There are several RSS feeds available in Outlook 2007
Go to the Folder List and Click RSS Feeds icon

A list will be populated and offer you some options (takes several seconds)
Click on any you would like to subscribe to
A pop-up screen displays

For the most part, just click YES and the RSS feed is automatically added
Change the name by right clicking over the RSS feed / select Rename
Type in a new name / OK
Name is automatically changed.
Open the Advanced button to see the information listed

Add RSS feed from a website

If you have a favorite website, check to see for a corresponding RSS feed
Go to the web / Type in the name of the website and type rss or blogs after it:
    Example: Fox news rss or psychology blogs or higher education blogs
Once you open a site look for the RSS icon or the XML icon; it is usually found at the top or bottom of the screen
Click the icon
A pop-us screen displays

Click Subscribe to this feed

You can customize the name of the feed
Click Subscribe

The feed is added to your Outlook RSS feed section of the Folder List

Delete RSS Feed
Right click over the RSS feed name
Select Delete from the list / OK

Note: Not all internet sites have RSS feed capability. Some of the RSS feeds are very active and there is heavy traffic. Notice the MSNBC site ... contains frequently added content.

Make sure you check your RSS Feeds section in Outlook regularly.

Updated:  July 05, 2012
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