Outlook 2007
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Outlook 2007 Ribbon Interface

When you open Outlook 2007 there is little difference from the Outlook 2003 interface. Outlook 2007 offers the same basic folder structure. The inbox pane and the preview pane also remain largely unchanged. The menu bars are retained from earlier versions.

The new Outlook 2007 ribbon will open when you click New Message, Reply, or Forward.

The ribbon command tabs are designed to be task-oriented: Message, Insert, Options, Format Text, Add-Ins, etc.

Within each tab break is a a list of subtasks arranged into groups: Clipboard, Basic Text, names, Include, Options, Proofing

When you open your Outlook program, click on all the Ribbon tabs, etc. to see what kind of tasks are displayed.

Created:  July 05, 2012

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