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Automatically Move Emails to Specific Folder

Outlook messages can be forwarded to a specific folder by creating rules.

Open the message in full screen to create a rule
Go to Message tab / Actions group / Click Create Rule icon

The following window opens. For purposes of this tutorial I have used
a message from Microsoft. I want all the messages from Microsoft to
be forwarded to a Microsoft folder.

Check the box from the person, organization, etc. From .....
Check the box Move the item to folder then Click Select Folder

A list of your folders will display. I do not have a Microsoft folder
Therefore, click New... button to create a folder
The following window opens
Type a name for the Folder
Select where to place the folder: Usually under Inbox

Click OK to save the folder
The folder will appear in the Folder list

Now select the folder you just created / Click OK
The following message appears.

Check the box: Run this rule now ....  / OK
All the messages from this person, org. etc will automatically be forwarded to the folder

Create as many rules as you need to help organize your email more effectively.

Updated:  July 05, 2012
 Sr. Arlene Callahan
 Training Manager
 Rivier University
 Nashua, NH 03060
 E-mail: acallahan@rivier.edu