Access 2007 Ribbon Interface

There is a new opening screen when you Office Access 2007. You can create a new blank database, create a database from an existing template, or open a recent database, or click the Office Button and use the menu to open an existing database.

Ribbon Interface

The primary replacement for menus and toolbars in Office Access 2007 is the Ribbon. Designed for easy browsing, the Ribbon consists of tabs that are organized around specific scenarios or objects. The controls on each tab are further organized into several groups. The Ribbon can host richer content than menus and toolbars can, including buttons, galleries, and dialog box content.

When you open an existing database this is the interface that displays.

On the left hand side of the screen are tables, etc. on the right hand side is the data.

The Ribbon Command tabs are designed to be task-oriented: Home, Create, External Data, Database, and Database Tools.

Within each tab break is a list of subtasks arranged into groups: View, Clipboard, Font, Paragraph, Sort and Filter, etc. Click the little arrow for more functions.

Additional menu commands are found when you click other tabs in the ribbon command section.

Click the little arrow at the bottom right of the group for other options.

When you open your Access program. Click on all the Ribbon tabs, etc. to see what kind of tasks are displayed.

Created:  July 05, 2012

Sr. Arlene Callahan
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