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Create a Watermark Background for the Entire Page

I want to add a custom watermark for a special project. I inserted the watermark but I still had the blank one inch margin around the paper. Is it possible to expand the watermark to fit the entire page?

Yes, customize the scale from 150% - 500%. If use you auto feature, the background will only fill the text area and leave the margin area blank.

The Watermark feature can customize any graphic object (SmartArt, charts, shapes, clip art, regular or digital images, etc. ).

The watermark background can be added to the text at any time.

Open the document
Go to Page Layout Tab / Page Background Group
Select Watermark and Click the down arrow at the end of the box

Click Custom Watermark ... the following pop-up window displays
Click Radio button Picture watermark
Select Picture ... find the picture and click Insert

Make sure you check the Washout box; if you already downloaded a washed out background, then do not check the Washout box.
Scale area: Click black down button

Select 150% ... if this is too large, go back to the scale section and select from the list or type in 125% or increase to 175% or 200% up to 500%.
Just type in the % you need
All will depend on how large the initial picture is.

Note: If you downloaded and saved a certain image from the web there is always the possibility that this item is locked and cannot be edited.

At the bottom of the dialog box Click Apply

The picture should now display as a watermark covering the entire page.

Updated:  July 05, 2012
 Sr. Arlene Callahan
 Training Manager
 Rivier University
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